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 Practice: SUNDAY, 2:30pm - 4:00pm      
 The Band Hall, Off The Close, Tarporley 


The band was founded in 1875 as the Tarporley Order of Rachabites Brass Band, and although it has changed its name several times, it has always been playing in and around Tarporley in Cheshire.

We have our own band room and welcome players of any age or ability to help us perform in the local area and community of Tarporley.

"We look forward to playing together and learning as we go. This is a lovely old band, appreciated in our community, and we want it not only to survive but to thrive".
Hon. Secretary, Jonathan Howell

 Who is Who? 
  • Secretary: Jonathan Howell
  • Musical Director: Hilary Howell
  • Treasurer: Les Platt
  • Music Library Catalogue: Richard Sedgewick
Although our small and friendly band has all sections with some players, we are happy to hear from new and returning players of any brass band instruments and musical ability, to join our band. Of particular interest is Soprano Cornet, 2nd and 3rd cornet, Eb Horn, Bb Baritone Horn, and 1st/2nd Bb Trombone
There is no audition or grade requirement, but you would strive to improve as you play. We are not a competing band at present, but have 4th section general ability.

if you are a brass musician who would like to consider the musical director/conductor role, perhaps to develop your conducting and musical leading skills, please contact us for more information on the role.

For other news and messages, check our Facebook page:

September 8th 2022: On behalf of Tarporley Silver Band, we wish to pay tribute to a life dedicated to the service of her country. Our deepest sympathy to our Royal family and King Charles III.

the Platinum Jubilee Logo Crown and 70 years 2022

September 15th 2022: We are looking to start adult training sessions on Thursday Evenings. This would be for either for 'new to brass' or perhaps 'lapsed player. Maybe you have experience of another instrument and you want to try something different? Free tuition to enable you to progress with regular instruction to the main band at some point. Please watch for further announcements and check our [ Band FACEBOOK Link ]
for more details and how to express an interest.

April 5th 2022: Unfortunately due to illness, we have canceled the practice this Sunday 10th April. The following Sunday 17th is Easter Day, so no practice until Sun 24th April. Enjoy the break and have a great Easter. March 10th 2022: The up and coming Jubilee events are going to be busy for the band. Delamere Community have changed their event from the Saturday to the Friday 3rd June to avoid a local clash with Tarporley Village nearby, who had both independently picked Saturday the 4th. February 2022: Back to regular Sunday practices, and a new music selection for the forthcoming season. June 2016: After our AGM in May, we have had a few changes. Chris Hardy has been kindly acting as Musical Director and Conductor for a couple of years, and he has now stepped down. The band is grateful to Chris for all his hard work preparing musical arrangements for us and organising our concert and practice programmed. We are now sadly without a conductor at present but are hopeful that this is but a short interlude. As you read this and either wish to help us out either on a temporary basis or potentially more permanently, you are welcome to ether come to our practice and make an introduction to us or seek further details in confidence from the Secretary Alan Walker or Treasurer Jonathan Howell.

Our strategy is to recruit more members and improve the band room to support our members. We have plans in progress for an inside toilet and possibly small refreshment area on a temporary basis while we seek charitable funds for larger improvements. To enable the future success of the band, we have decided to seek Charitable Status, and this will open a range of opportunities to the band in its organisation and community outreach. It is sad to say that a band so long established and with so illustrious a past could close due to a lack of members. The field next to the band room has planning permission for a new housing estate, and once this is completed, a new road will approach the band room and allow some easier access. We hope that this development will aid access for the band members to the band room.

September 2018: With great sadness to this band and many other banding friends, we heard the sad and unexpected news that Trevor Sutherland had died. Trevor, a musician, teacher, conductor, arranger and with associations to many bands and players, over a lifetime of music, was a regular conductor of our band. Trevor was full of enthusiasm and knowledge with a wit and humour that will be greatly missed. The band send deepest sympathy to Rita and his family at this sad time.

Winter 2019:A period of improvements have been started to add a new toilet, kitchen area and storage. The whole hall has been repainted and many areas improved by finishing touches and repair. The furniture has been improved, and a huge tidy up of old things has made quite a difference. With thanks for assistance from the Tarporley Parish Council for the successful grant, which helped fund the materials for the refurbishment.

February 2019: Hilary has kindly offered to conduct the band while we look to the future and try to build the band numbers. With the newly improved band hall, we hope improves our ability to recruit.

March 2020: We are sorry that as the COVID-19 restrictions will not allow band practices to continue and we must stop our regular practices. JH

September 2021: With the easing of lock-down restrictions and availability of vaccines, we are pleased to resume regular band practices on Sundays. This has been the only period where the band has not met since it formed in 1875, including both World Wars, so it has been a disappointment to have had to decline kind offers to play at resuming events this year. We look forward to much happier times ahead.

October 2021: We acknowledge the immense support as a Trustee, Chairman, player and organiser and other significant roles over many years, to Alan Kay, who announced his retirement from the band. In recent years he has played Baritone Horn, and a familiar face at our events, and someone we have been happy to know. We all wish Alan a very happy future. JH.

Wishing Ingrid Victor, who has been playing cornet for quite some time with Tarporley Band, our very best wishes and thanks.

We were proud to play for the celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

the Platinum Jubilee Logo Crown and 70 years 2022

the band in practice

Practice Times: Sunday from 2:30pm to 4pm. Thursday Evening Lessons (By Appointment) 6:30pm).

Address: The Band Room, Off The Close, High Street, Tarporley, CW6 0DA

NEXT PRACTICE ON: Sun Sept 24. Summer break, Sun 9th July - 24t23rd Sept.

 Events and Calendar 

playing at the tarpfest event 2019


Find us just off the High Street in Tarporley. Find the 'Papillion Shop', then following the sign for 'The Close, walk about 100 yards down the public footpath to our Hall. There is an alternative path from the Rising Sun Car Park across the field or through the field side of the new housing estate on Daffodil Fields.

find the band hall map

Find us down the path...

path to the bandroom

We offer a community brass band to play at your event for a donation towards our organisational costs. We can offer a variety of traditional and popular musical themes to cater for a range of events, and are happy to hear your requests.

To reserve a date, just send us a message with your outline:-

Please include:

  • Your Name and Organisation
  • Your Contact Phone No.
  • The Event Location
  • Date and Times of your Event
  • Event Request Details and any questions you have
        Send Email Request


Although we have a few music scores and instruments that date back a 100 years or more, the historical photo archive is a bit thin. If you are a past member of you have any photos, documents or press cuttings, it would be fantastic to hear from you.

The Friendly Society known as the Independent Order of Rechabites was founded on strict principles of total abstention in Salford on 25 Aug. 1835. The name was derived from the Rechabites spoken of in the prophecy of Jeremiah "who drink no wine" and, as they dwelt in "Tents", the local branches of the order were designated by that name. The "Hope of Tarvin" Tent no.1288 was opened in 1879 in the Winsford and Norley District No.19 and met in the Public Hall in Tarvin. We are still researching the Tarporley IOR.

The Tarporley and Clotton Band between 1904 and 1926? The Tarporley and Clotton Band between 1904 and 1926.

The Tarporley and Clotton Band between 1904 and 1926? The Tarporley and Clotton Band Prize and Drum (Colourised).

1st prize at the North Wales Brass Band Association, 5th section 1992 1st prize at the North Wales Brass Band Association, 5th section 1992.

4th prize at Oldham, 4th section 6th March 1988 4th Prize at Oldham, 6th March 1988 in the 4th Section.

Award of merit from 9th may 1974, junior shield Award of Merit, 3rd Place, 9th May 1974, Junior Shield.

certificate of merit Buxton June 8th 1969 Certificate of Merit, Buxton, June 8th 1969.

Whit Friday results. Looks like Tarporley last went to compete on 13th June 2003, Conductor: Trevor Sutherland.
Location: Contest Position: March: Castell Coch

Broadoak 32
Denton 37
Friezland 28
Greenfield 53
Heyrod 29
Micklehurst 29
Mossley 30
Stalybridge Celtic 24
Stalybridge Labour Club 31

Other Contests Date: Contest: Position: Test Piece: Conductor

28th Nov 1992, North Wales Rally (Fifth Section), 1, , Trevor Sutherland

7th Dec 1991, North Wales Rally (Fifth Section), 2, , J. Pickering

24th Sep 1989, Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Fourth Section), W, ,

19th Mar 1989, North West Area (Fourth Section), Suite for Brass [Davis], David Moulton

18th Sep 1988, Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Fourth Section), W, 4,

1st Apr 1988, Pontins Southport (Fourth Section), 19, Stantonbury Festival, 6, David Moulton

27th Mar 1988, North West Area (Fourth Section), 4, Stantonbury Festival, 16, David Moulton

6th Mar 1988, Oldham Contest (Section 4), Stantonbury Festival, 6, David Moulton

15th Nov 1987, Pilkington Northern Open (Section C), 11, Voices of Youth, 11, David Moulton

17th Apr 1987, Pontins Southport (Fourth Section), W, Simon called Peter,

29th Mar 1987, North West Area (Fourth Section), Overture to Youth, 10, David Moulton

1st Mar 1987, Oldham Contest (Section C), 14, Overture to Youth, 14, David Moulton

23rd Nov 1986, Manchester District Contest (Fourth Section), 4, Overture to Youth, 7, David Moulton

16th Nov 1986, Pilkington Northern Open (Section C), 10, Overture to Youth, 6, David Moulton

11th Oct 1986, North East Derbyshire District Council Annual Brass Band Festival (Grade Four), , David Moulton

21st Sep 1986, Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'C'), 11, , David Moulton

23rd Feb 1986, NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section), 8, Petite Suite de Ballet, 8, David Moulton

23rd Sep 1984, Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'C'), 7, Divertimento [Ball], 7, Kevin Birch

25th Mar 1984, North West Area (Fourth Section), Divertimento [Ball], Alan Brotherston

25th Sep 1983, Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'C'), Rufford Abbey, 1, Alan Brotherston

1st Apr 1983, Pontins Southport (Fourth Section), Suite Gothique, 15, Alan Brotherston

20th Mar 1983, North West Area (Fourth Section), First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert], 14, Alan Brotherston

21st Mar 1982, North West Area (Fourth Section), Excelsior [Hanmer], 17, Dave Newton

22nd Mar 1981, North West Area (Fourth Section), Fantasy for Brass Bands [Wiggins], 12, Dave Newton

30th Mar 1980, North West Area (Fourth Section), Overture to Youth, 5, Dave Newton

14th Oct 1978, Whitchurch (Shropshire) Contest (Section A), 3, Othello, 4, Jim McDean

30th Apr 1978, Buxton Festival (Section B), Call of the Sea, 6, Jim McDean

3rd Apr 1977, North West Area (Fourth Section), Hungarian Fantasy, 9, Jim McDean

10th Apr 1976, Radio Stoke Knock-Out Brass, 4, 4, Jim McDean

27th Apr 1975, Buxton Festival (Section B), Devon Fantasy, 6, Jim McDean

4th May 1974, Senior Trophy, Othello, 20, Jim McDean
5th May 1973, Spring Festival (Junior Shield), W, English Country Scenes,

8th May 1971, Spring Festival (Junior Shield), W, The Seasons [Carr],

7th Jun 1970, Buxton Festival (Section C), Divertimento [Ball], 7, Jim McDean

9th May 1970, Spring Festival (Junior Shield), 3, London River, 3, Jim McDean

12th Apr 1970, North West Area (Fourth Section), London River, 9, Jim McDean

8th Jun 1969, Buxton Festival (Fourth Section), 1, Beautiful Britain, 5, Jim McDean

17th May 1969, Spring Festival (Junior Trophy), Beautiful Britain, 12, Jim McDean

28th May 1960, Spring Festival (Junior Cup), The Princess and the Poet, 12, J. Dunn

13th Apr 1955, Llandderfel Contest, , J. Dunn

9th Oct 1954, North Wales Brass Band Association Selection Contest (Class B), A Welsh Fantasy, W. T. Blogg

3rd Apr 1953, Llandderfel Contest, 3, The Dawn of Spring, Unknown

24th May 1952, Rhyl Contest (Third Section), Wayside Scenes, J. Dunn

24th May 1952, Rhyl Contest (Second Section), Sirius [Wright], J. Dunn

16th May 1910, Hawarden Contest, 5, Robin Hood [MacFarren arr. Godfrey], 1, J. E. Fidler

3rd Aug 1908, Crewe Contest, 2, , Unknown

21st Sep 1907, Sandbach Contest, Daughter of the Regiment [arr. Greenwood], 9, Christopher Smith

7th Sep 1904, Whitchurch Contest, 2, 3, J. A. Greenwood

27th Aug 1903, Ellesmere Contest, 3, Casket of Gems, 3, G. Lindop

The lovely path past our hall. The 'lovely path' to our hall 2020 during top dressing.

Are you in any of these pictures? we would love to hear from you.

Some youth players about 1980.Some youth players about 1980.

The band in the newly opened band hall September 1982.The band in the newly opened band hall September 1982.

The Chester Observer article about the new band hall 19822.The Chester Observer article about the new band hall 1982.

The band in the newly opened band hall September 1982. The band in the newly opened band hall September 1982.

The band practice 'shed'agreement 1908 with the Red Lion Inn, 1 Dec 1908.The band practice 'shed' agreement with the Red Lion Inn, 1 Dec 1908.

marching down the high street Maybe the 1960s. These uniforms are long gone.

centenary photo of the band The band at the 100 years celebrations in 1975.

old band photo Back a while ago, unsure of the date but probably 1960/70s.

September 2010 Article. playing at in the street 2015
A welcome addition to the successful Country Market in Tarporley in September was Tarporley Band.
Situated in the middle of the High Street outside St. Helen's Church the Band performed a wide selection of classic Brass Band marches, selections from Musicals and also traditional airs/songs. This seems to have been appreciated by visitors and locals alike as they ventured up and down the High Street between various Country Market Stalls. This is clearly demonstrated by the large collection raised by the band who are very grateful for the generosity shown by all.
In thanking everyone for their support, the band confirmed that the funds raised from this collection (and hopefully also subsequent ones) will go towards funding the setting up of a 'junior band' to introduce the joys of making music to a new generation and ultimately ensuring that new members are available to replace current members as and when they retire.
Tarrporley Band (formerly known as the Tarporley Silver Prize Band) was established in 1875 and the current members would love to think it will still be around in another 135 years time. The monies raised will specifically be used to fund a professional tutor, suitable music for beginners and where necessary some new instruments. If you would like to help financially or just as importantly with your time, please contact the Band Secretary, Martin Brown.
If you wish you had kept up music lessons at school or if you know anyone who you think would like to join the Junior Band (aged from 7 upwards) or for that matter the Senior Band, then please see the web site www.tarporleyband.org.uk.

Tarporley and Clotton Band (Colourised) 1904-26 approx. Tarporley band players in their part in the play 'Brassed Off', at the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn, 7-12 Feb 2011. Musical Director: Ian Turner.

Tarporley and Clotton Band (Colourised) 1904-26 approx. The performances were dedicated to Pete Postlethwaite (1946-2011), the colliery band's conductor in the original film.

Tarporley and Clotton Band (Colourised) 1904-26 approx. Tarporley and Clotton Band (Colourised) 1904-26 approx.

our refurbished bandroom 2020

The new look band room. Toilet to the left and kitchen and store to the right. Mezzanine storage area for all the things you do not use, but don't want to throw away... We all have some of that?

our new room Newly painted band room, ready for players...

Big Bass Drum Bass drum from the Tarporley and Clotton Band

the composting toilet And now, featuring the new composting toilet facilities...

Tarporley Carnival 2019, the Band Tent The Band sets up a 'have a go' tent at the Tarporley Carnival 2019.

Tarporley Carnival 2019.  Young girl has a go plaing a Bb bass Tarporley Carnival 2019 'Have A Go!' ...Blow... go on, make a noise....

playing at Badgerwood 30th May 2004 Playing at Badgerswood 30th May 2004.

Chester Chronicle 17/11/2011 re: 13/11/11 Remembrance Parade with Tarporley Band
Chester Chronicle 17/11/2011 re: 13/11/11 Remembrance Parade with Tarporley Band Tarporley Band Marching: Article in Chester Chronicle 17/11/2011 re: 13/11/11 Remembrance Parade with Tarporley Band.

Carnival Time in Tarporley Carnival Time in Tarporley.

Our Practice Hall along the path. Our Practice Hall along the footpath (in panorama).

playing at the tarpfest event 2019 The Band at Tarporley Carnival 2019, by the Community Hall, under the direction of Hilary.

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